The Tech List

The TECH List is used to request help with computer related problems and for occasional announcements of interest to the membership from the KCS President and designated representatives.

Subscribers who post their problem to the TECH LIST will usually receive 2 or more responses.  When a problem is posted, it and all the subsequent replies are automatically emailed to all subscribers on the TECH LIST.

Typical announcements made are class schedule changes and lesson outlines, notification that the newsletter is available from the KCS Web Page, and matters the KCS President considers of common interest.

DISCLAIMER: Personal opinions expressed by KCS members may not represent the official position of Kitsap Computing Seniors.

Kitsap Computing Seniors administers a closed listserv (List): KCS TECH. The List is hosted by Telebyte NW Internet Services and the software that automates the process is Majordomo. Majordomo is a program that handles most of the administrative functions and the automatic distribution of posted email. A KCS List Administrator controls such things as subscribing and unsubscribing so that only KCS members can use the mailing list.

A KCS member can subscribe to a List by sending email to the List Administrator. Type “Subscribe” in the email subject line. In the body of the email, give your name and email address. The List Administrator checks your eligibility and takes action to subscribe you to the list.

You will receive a message from the Majordomo when you are subscribed. This message welcomes you to the KCS TECH List and tells you how to unsubscribe. Save this message for future reference.

You may unsubscribe at any time following the procedures of the Majordomo welcoming message. You may also unsubscribe by sending an unsubscribe message to The List Administrator.

Do Not Send Your Unsubscribe Message To The List!

The KCS listserv has an email address for submitting/posting messages. Please put this address in your address book:


Use this address to post your email to the List.

  • Replies to messages on the KCS Tech List are automatically sent to the entire List unless you re-address the response directly to the individual sender.  (See the diagram above.) 
  • Use caution when you click the REPLY button. Consider using the FORWARD button instead. In this way you won’t burden others with unneeded e-mail. (See procedure outlined below.)
  • When responding to a message, please consider whether your reply should be sent to the entire membership; if it would be more appropriate to address it to the individual sender, please use the Forward button and follow the steps below.
  • Do not post personal messages via the KCS Tech List. If a post announces a class assignment and you are, say, sick and unable to come to class, do not reply to the list to tell the class coordinator that you won’t be able to attend. Instead, send your e-mail reply directly to the coordinator’s e-mail address.
  • Before you click SEND please double check to see you are sending the reply message to the intended address. Is it the to the message sender or the entire list?

Here is one way to address your message directly to the person; not to the List:

  1. Open the KCS Tech List message.
  2. Click Forward.

At the top of the message text area you will see something like this:

—– Original Message —–
From: “John Smith” < >
To: <>
Sent: Wednesday, June 23, 2010 6:26 PM
Subject: [KCS-Tech] tech list reminder

  1. Highlight the address on the From line. Make sure you highlight the entire address.

The address is the part inside the < > brackets.

  1. Click Edit > Copy (or hold down the Ctrl key and tap the C key)
  2. Click in the To address box and click Edit > Paste (or hold down the Ctrl key and tap the V key)
  3. Your reply message is now addressed to the individual.

You can now type your reply and delete the original message text if you want.

  1. Click Send.

Updated May 2023

  1. The KCS Tech List has been established to provide subscribers with an opportunity to easily communicate computer related technical problems with fellow KCS members.  When posting a message, please consider whether the subject and its content are of a computer-technical nature.  These guidelines are not meant to be overly restrictive, but to help assure that the List retains a level of quality – to the benefit of everyone.

  2. Do not send overly large messages. It is best to make List readers aware that you have some problem to share with them.

  3. No profanity, No verbal attacks on a person, No purely commercial, No political, No religious content in postings.

  4. When considering replying to a posting, look at the nature of the topic and whether your reply is more appropriately sent just to the sender. You should always check/change each reply message such that the “correct” address is applied. 

  5. When you send a reply, spend the small amount of time it takes to make your message easier to read, by cutting/deleting the parts of the message that aren’t important to your reply, such as excess headers, extra sentences and graphics.

  6. If you do not receive any List mail for a day or so, then you have likely been removed (Unsubscribed) from the List. A simple request to the List Administrator can confirm this. Don’t send a test message to the List.

  7. The KCS List Coordinator receives notification when your mailbox fills (MAILBOX FULL), or you don’t keep your Internet Service bill paid (UNKNOWN USER), or your server is down (HOST NOT RESPONDING) and other such interruptions ON YOUR END of your email service.  Generally, the practice here will be to tolerate error messages from a source for approximately one-day, and then Unsubscribe the account. When you have solved the problem with your email account, you can then re-subscribe to the List.

  8. The List Coordinator will unsubscribe violators pending action by the KCS Board.