About Us

Our Mission:

To enhance Kitsap County residents' knowledge, skills and enjoyment of computers and technology.

The KCS Newsletter

Our Beginnings

Rampton W. Harvey founded Kitsap Computing Seniors (KCS) in early 1992.   A Letter to the Editor in the local paper received 27 responses, so Ramp and three others began the task of forming a club for various computer activities. It was decided that a Board of Trustees would govern the club, that the Trustees would elect the officers and that monthly general meetings and board meetings would be held. In March 1992, the club was incorporated as a nonprofit within the State of Washington. Pope Resources generously donated our start-up costs and for State and Federal filings.   KCS is chartered as an educational organization.


Over 25 years later, KCS remains an organization operated entirely by member volunteers. There is no age requirement to join; we welcome adults of all ages and levels of experience to join us. Annual dues are only $20.00 per year. Benefits of becoming a member include the monthly online newsletter THE KCS NEWS, an email listserve which offers an opportunity for members help each other, computer training opportunities and access to our Special Interest Groups (SIGs). We look forward to continued growth and development.

For more information, see our History page.

Our Board of Trustees

L to R: Ed Evans, Myra Clodius, Cheryl Smith, Merry Kennedy, Susan Evans, Beulah Jones, Al Valencia, Jim Bromley, Ruth Stephens. Not pictured: Gwen Olsson, June Jones, Thelma Gurske-Taylor.


President: Susan Evans
(888) 901-5805 ext 9

Vice President: Ed Evans 

Treasurer: Myra Clodius

Secretary: Ruth Stephens


Cheryl Smith

Myra Clodius

Ruth Stephens

Jim Bromley

Ed Evans

Thelma Gurske-Taylor

June Jones

Gwen Olsson

Al Valencia

Merry Kennedy

Beulah Jones

Susan Evans

Key Volunteers

Budget/Finance: Myra Clodius

Teachers: Jack Roudebush, Don Brown, Larry DuSavage

Tech List: Doug Stauner

Historian: Larry DuSavage

Membership: Beulah Jones

New Horizons: Jim BromleyJune Jones

Newsletter: Jack Roudebush

Program: Cheryl Smith

Property Officer: Kim Leach

Publicity: Cheryl Smith

Sunshine: Ed Evans

Training Coordinator: Jack Roudebush

Raffle: Pat Reese

Web Liaison: Doug Stauner

Web Designers/Creators: Laura Moynihan, former KCS President Cheryl Smith

Please see our Contact Us page for more information.