Helping one another since 1992

Kitsap Computing Seniors is a grassroots organization for people of all ages who want to help increase each other’s knowledge, skills and enjoyment of computers and technology. There are so many ways to learn, be involved, and help others. Won’t you join us?

Our Stories

KCS is busy in the Kitsap community. Our volunteers work hard to create opportunities for you to learn, connect with others, and help those who can’t afford the technology necessary for today’s world. Here’s just some of the stuff we’ve been up to lately.

Computer Labs

Practice and get help on a PC or Mac.

Connect with others in this Special Interest Group to learn about ways your computer can help you find, evaluate and keep track of your investments. 

Donate your working PC and KCS will wipe the hard drive for you, and then match it to a local family in need.

the benefits of membership

The Tech List

The TECH List is used to request help with computer related problems and for occasional announcements of interest to the membership from the KCS President and designated representatives.

Members Only Web Resources

Certain areas of our website are available to members only, such as our computer tips and tricks, a list of local resources for free computer classes, member-generated tutorials, and our newsletter archive.

Computer Classes at Goodwill

Senior-paced trainings offered on the Third Saturday of each month, except July and August, at 12:00 to 3:00 p.m. in the Bremerton Goodwill training facility on Wheaton Way.

Special Interest Groups

Kitsap Computing Seniors has hosted many diverse SIGs over the years. Currently, we have one active group called the Stock Investors Group. Meet and learn from others in the group.

Informative Presentations

Our General Meeting speakers are a valuable benefit of membership. Topics are whatever may be of interest to our members. Past speakers include Commissioner Josh Brown, OfficeMax tech support John Arruda and Scott Bosch, CEO of Harrison Medical Center.

opportunity of group governance

Joining KCS allows you to not only connect with others like you in our community, but also allows you the chance to govern our group by becoming a Trustee. Come to our next general meeting to find out more.