Our History

In the early summer of 1991, Kitsap Computing Seniors was founded by Rampton Harvey. After a Letter to the Editor resulted in 27 responses, four people began the task of forming an organization and developing plans for classes, labs and related computer activities. 

Throughout the years, KCS’s membership has become greater and fewer, like many groups. But what has not changed is the dedication of a large number of volunteers involved who are dedicated to bringing Kitsap County residents into the world of computers and the internet. Accomplishing this has taken countless hours, meetings, cookies, agendas and cups of coffee.

It has also provided memories of excursions to The Museum of Flight, the Museum of History and Industry (MOHAI), and the Gates Foundation Visitor Center.

We have helped each other on topics ranging from creative writing to genealogy to stock investing. And we have given away more than 140 computers to those who needed them most.

Ramp’s original coordinating efforts have enriched our community, and the lives of those who have joined us. We hope you will, too.

KCS In The Media

Kitsap seniors come of age at computer terminals

1992, Kitsap Sun. By Jo Bailey.

Kitsap Computing seniors

1993, Recreation (North Kitsap Community Programs)

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Generations link up

March 1, 1995, Kitsap Sun. By JoAnne Marez.

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Computing Seniors Explore Cyberspace

August 16, 1995, Central Kitsap Reporter. By Sylvia Klatman.

Don't look now, but grandma's surfing the net

1995, Kitsap Herald. By Doug Weese.

UNSUNG HERO: Helping to expand horizons in the Information Age

August 25, 1997, Kitsap Sun. By JoAnne Marez.

New Horizons: First e-mail, then world

August 27, 1997, Kitsap Sun. By JoAnne Marez.

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Cyber Seniors

October 29, 1997, Kitsap Week (Kitsap Sun). By Mike Moore.

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Maturity among the megabytes

September 2, 2000, What’s Up. By Jeff Shaw.

Older adults help peers get over fear of new gadget

August 25, 2002.08, Kitsap Sun. By Matthew Anderson.

Age no barrier to navigating worldwide Web

April 11, 2004, Kitsap Sun. By Melodie Wright.

Kitsap Computing Seniors going strong after 15 years

March 21, 2007, Central Kitsap Reporter. By Kassie Korich.

Kitsap Computing Seniors celebrates 20 years

March 8, 2012, Bremerton Patriot. By Kristin Okinaka.

Jason Parker of Sound Retirement Radio interviews KCS President Larry DuSavage (2012).

Past Presidents' Club

Not pictured: John Fliege: 1993; Donald Zimmerman: 1995; Jan Bilyeu: 1996-1997; Clifford T. Morgan: 2000.